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The objective is to provide information that will lend itself to greater community interaction. There are no conpulsory fields. For instance, you may not be confortable giving your full address, but you are OK with listing the town. That's great. Perhaps there are things you would like to see the church involve iteslf with... say, family baseball games or something. Feel free to work that in. You may have tools that are too personal to lend out, very understandable, but perhaps you are happy to teach how to use them. It's all good.

Thank you for participating.


The information you submit online is private and accessible only by Valley Gate members. You can update your info or find new updates from others right here. 

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Note: To add something later, just return here and put in your name, email, and phone, and then add only the information that is new.



Enter your name here.
Names and birthdates of your kids at home. [age changes, so birthdate helps for organizing actual ages.]
What profession or business would describe what you do?
This is important for projects or interests people may have that could benefit from your skill set. What skills, talents, hobbies, education, and abilities are represented in your household?
List a few special tools you may be willing to lend in the right circumstances or teach how to use. There is a lending ledger in the back of your hard copy directory to keep track.
Recreational facilities or special equipment you could see yourself lending.
The more you put down, the more likely something will resonate with others. Perhaps you like Frenchy shopping, hiking, motorcycle trips, stamp collecting, or metal detecting... whatever.
What do you like to read or research. This may open up discussion or introduce new authors to you.
Do you have any websites or Facebook pages you would like to make public?
Whatever part of your location, address or town, that might be helpful for connecting with others.
An email address to use for connecting.
Maybe you have a task for which you need help and would be willing to offer help to someone else in exchange.
Is there something else you would like to mention that is not listed here?
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Please upload a picture of you/your family.