People will move on from The Refuge for a variety of reasons. All our residents will have specific goals that are tailored to the individual’s needs, as well as a timeline for achieving these goals. Once these goals are met or the time is up, the person will move out of 437 Main Street. It is our hope that each individual will remain connected with the positive, supportive relationships developed during his stay at The Refuge.

The basis for moving on and being successful are:

  • Achieving goals set at beginning of stay.
  • Change in life situation in which you no longer require the support of The Refuge.
  • Situations listed below that make living unsafe for oneself or others.


With the key ingredients of honesty, humility and openness for success at The Refuge, residents who struggle with being able to maintain this will have difficulty staying long enough to achieve their goals. We will attempt together with you work on this area. Also unresolved issues and actions that demonstrate a lack of an honest attempt to live by The Refuge “Community Guidelines” will result in someone “moving on”. Since our desire is to maintain a safe and healthy community, the following could result in an immediate removal from the premises: 

  1. Physical violence towards people or the residence.
  2. Sexual harassment.
  3. Verbal aggression and/or threats.
  4. Using, possessing, or selling illegal drugs, or misusing prescription drugs or medication at the Refuge.
  5. Drinking, drunkenness or inebriation (inside or outside the building) at the Refuge.
  6. Unauthorized guests overnight.
  7. Prostitution or related activities.
  8. Possession of firearms or other weapons.
  9. Viewing of Child pornography or other communications technology that demean any member of society.