Rules of life began to be used about 1400 years ago by early Christians who lived in monastic communities. They were simple, practical documents that describe a way of life that those in a community lived by. They are not a set of laws that one can live up to or break. Rather, they are a way of measuring personal growth, setting goals, and a tool for self-reflection. They are not a heavy set of commandments or a contract. We understand our Rule of Life as a covenant that we are all journeying towards together. 

Our Rule of Life describes some areas we value growth in and would like to see everyone who is part of the Refuge grow in. If our “Community Guidelines” is the bare minimum, then our “Rule of Life” comprises our goals... what we hope to someday achieve and are currently working towards. It can be summed up like this:

  • Respect God
  • Respect Others
  • Respect Yourself
  • Respect Creation (includes Refuge space)

All are working towards:

  1. Developing positive anger management and conflict resolution skills.
  2. Growing in life skills and capacity and self-motivation building.
  3. Practicing sound financial management.
  4. Growing in our spiritual journey.
  5. Finding value and identity within our community and ourselves.
  6. Discovering, developing, and using our gifts and talents.
  7. Serving each other and our neighbourhood.
  8. Learning healthy ways of having fun.
  9. Being vulnerable and demonstrating this through openness.
  10. Practicing honesty and humility.
  11. Eating together regularly, where possible.
  12. Working together regularly.
  13. Becoming part of a wider social support network.