Every group of people living together have to agree on some boundaries.

The purpose of our guidelines is to provide some boundaries that will help every member on their journey towards personal growth and health while maintaining a safe and supportive atmosphere for everyone. It is the minimum standard required of every member. The Community Guidelines are as important as each resident’s personal goals. They are the minimum standard required of every member. They have to do with how we relate to each other.


  • Willingness to embrace community life and personal growth.
  • Agree to a personal development plan during tenancy.   
  • Agree to submit to the leadership structure of The Refuge.
  • Maintain cleanliness in personal and shared areas.
  • Attentiveness to responsibilities and chores.
  • The payment of rent or other fees on time is required.
  • Physical violence towards people or the building will not be tolerated.
  • Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  • No verbal aggression and threats.
  • There will be no calling people down based on race, sex, or other differences.
  • Smoking is only permitted outside and away from the building.
  • No using, possessing, or selling illegal drugs, or misusing prescription drugs or medication. (We highly discourage contact with people who do these activities.)
  • No drinking, drunkenness or inebriation (inside or outside the building).
  • Sex outside of marriage is not encouraged as part of life at the Refuge.
  • No prostitution or related activities.
  • No participation in gang related activity.
  • Not possess or store firearms or other weapons.
  • Use communications technology in appropriate and positive ways only.
  • Visitors that are on the visitors list can visit in the living room and kitchen.
  • Attend weekly house meetings.
  • Participate in weekly cleaning time – as a group.
  • Create and follow through with personal goals – and weekly check ins regarding goals with support staff.

Everyone who is living in The Refuge agrees to these standards. They are in place for the health and safety of each person, and to help foster a positive living environment for all. Failure to adhere to any aspect of the “Community Guidelines” may be grounds for eviction or removal from the premises.