Our worship gatherings are very informal. When you arrive, you'll come through the foyer into the theatre. Someone will greet you and show you where the coffee is. People will be visiting and catching up until the announcements begin. 

In the theatre we have couches and chairs. When the worship band begins, some people stand, some sit, some sing, some listen. Children are free to actively enjoy worship. The atmosphere is one of inclusiveness and safety so that we can enjoy God and one another.

After the musical part of worship, our host will direct the children to 'Grape Juice', our kid's program, and invite our regular attenders to give their donations that support the work of our community. After the kids go to their program, there is a teaching time for adults. Some people choose to just listen, while others like to participate in the teaching feedback. Often following the teaching, there is a prayer time. Some will pray with their eyes open, and some with their eyes closed. Our hope is that each person will meet with God in a significant way.

Once in a while, we have an arts Sunday with creativity stations around the theatre, and children participate in this as well. These special Worship Events will show up on our page.


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